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cmlabs Crawling System Detail

The cmlabs keyword tracker has a robot that works to crawl data at an exact time. The data crawling process into three times, such as Tomorrow, Early Week, and Monthly. This page will explain a complete discussion of detailed crawling on cmlabs Keyword Tracker.


Our robot will crawl the SERP data every midnight. If there is a new keyword, your data will appear the next day when the keyword data has through the crawling process.

This process occurs automatically without any request from the user. After the data crawling process is complete, the cmlabs bot will automatically calculate the data to get insights such as keyword ranking, tracked keywords, and rank distribution.

Sections through daily data crawling :

  • Quick overview
  • Rank distribution
  • Tracked keyword
  • Category tag
  • Ranking history
  • Keyword ranking
  • Archived SERP
  • HTML

Early week

The weekly SERP crawling system is a process that will only occur when users do "Add keywords" or add new keywords. cmlabs bot will manage the new keywords entered. Then at the end of the week, the system will retrieve search volume data and display it on a graph in the early week.

Weekly crawl results when adding new keywords:

  • Market share
  • Google search volume
  • Market update
  • Search volume
  • Competitive landscape

Note : New keywords will have a weekly crawl process to display the above section. Furthermore, it will be updated daily.


We will update the search volume of added keywords monthly. The Google search volume crawling process is carried out at the end of the month to display new demand data. The search volume data will be valid for one month before the monthly crawling process is done again.

If you're having trouble with our crawling system, please send your questions to business@cmlabs.co, and our team will assist you.

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Last updated 2020-06-26 UTC.